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Why this website?     Who I am?     What do I want?

My name is Kevin Olson.

I am an investor advocate and public finance watchdog.

A decade ago I pioneered fixed income price transparency by posting Muni Market trade and price data. Similar to stock prices listed in a newspaper, the open listing of Muni Market trades and prices should not have been a recent development. And it should not have fallen to me to push it into the spotlight.

But even though I worked the data, it was soon clear to me that Muni Market price transparency was not "it." The Muni Markets are still far from fair or even safe. We need a Muni Market exchange. After an equity IPO, corporations list their stocks on an exchange which establish and help maintain an orderly secondary market.

It is possible for the Muni Markets to have something have a Muni Market exchange...a single, centralized and transparent location for all customer bid-wanteds.

So I am out here again working to help the Muni help investors...pushing State Treasurers to actually do something.

And it has not taken long for me to clearly see that your Treasurer, Chip Flowers, is a huge FRAUD.

Q: Who Told You To Say No?

June 29, 2011

Dear DE Treasurer Chip Flowers,

You claim and take credit as leadership of this Country's State Treasurers. In good faith I proposed an idea to improve the Muni Markets, especially the secondary bid-side, to State Treasurers and you passed the buck to your State Debt Action thing.

You are on this State Debt Action thing. The Muni Market secondary is so bad it is unthinkable for you to say no to anything.

So I have to ask --

Who told you to say no?

Kevin Olson,

Q: What Do You Understand of the Muni Markets?

June 29, 2011

Dear DE Treasurer Chip Flowers,

For this site, please explain in detail what you know of the U.S. Muni Markets?